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A Happy Coincidence or a Happy Miracle? How Two Creatives Got Connected Through Synchronicty

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A Happy Coincidence or a Happy Miracle? How Two Creatives Got Connected Through Synchronicty

Synchronicity NecklaceWhile I was radio silent for much of 2017, I was working behind the scenes with Angie, a sweet customer-turned-client and co-owner of Coop Decor, to develop a product line for her business. One day, after working together for several months, she told me the significance of the design she commissioned. When she said it represents 11:11, which she sees on the clock all the time and which has taken on personal significance to her, I was taken aback. I, too, see 11:11 on the clock, so much so that it has become a personal symbol for me as well. So much so, that I launched my jewelry business at 11:11 one Saturday in October 2016.

Synchronicity NecklaceWith a love for interior design, CoopDecor provides retailers with specialty handmade candles and trays as well as homeowners with design consultation throughout their reconstruction and remodeling process. Their core values emphasize gratefulness and dedication to hard work to create peace in hopes to illuminate the love of what they do to shine into the lives of others. Angie says when she sees 11:11, it is a reminder to her to pause, give thanks, and have strength and courage. Then she says “Thy will be done,” which erases any worry she has in the moment.

Whenever I first noticed the frequency at which I saw 11:11, it seemed to come packaged with a special reminder that I have been deeply loved and held along my crazy path, and now when I see it I am reminded that I'm on my path and should not give in to anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

I’ve heard others describe their experience catching 11:11 on the clock day after day, so I know it’s not just an uncanny coincidence between my client and me. Are you one of the ones who sees 11:11 on the clock all the time too? If so, what does it mean to you?

This is certainly a special item and a unique collaboration for me, and I’m glad to see Angie’s vision for these come to life. She was a complete joy to work with, and I’m so glad she showed up out of the blue!

(If you want to read even more juicy details about the synchronicity that brought us together in the first place, then keep reading!)

How We Met

And if the 11:11 significance wasn’t enough, how we met to begin with was also full of intriguing synchronicities. Here’s the story: Angie’s mother-in-law was my very first customer at my very first show. I had set up my Copper Fire PayPal account the night before and tested it with my swiper. It worked with no problem. Then, as I tried to ring in her sale, PayPal froze my account due to “suspicious activity,” (duh, I’m selling!) and I only realized the sale didn’t go through after she was gone. It wasn’t just a little sale, it was still probably my biggest single sale to-date, and to think this was my very first sale ever! Needless to say, this did not inspire confidence in myself, but I offered it to the universe in the name of learning and growing. What can you do but laugh at yourself in a moment like that?

Then, several weeks later, Angie emailed me out of the blue, as she was the recipient of one of my necklaces and wanted to see what else I had. When she emailed I knew exactly that her mother-in-law’s purchase was the sale I lost. Angie was in town visiting, and we agreed to meet up in a parking lot with my mini trunk show. We probably looked ridiculous with jewelry splayed out all over the hood next to the gas station.

That day, Angie got to choose an item that more closely matched her style, and I got paid for my sale. Was that a miracle, or what? When she contacted me over the holidays with her hand-drawn sketches, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on. This relationship has proven to be a gift to me in so many ways, and we’re not done evolving the designs to make them even better for her customers.

Do you have any special people who’ve shown up for you with miraculous synchronicity? Let me know in the comments.