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Studio 212Over the fourth of July holiday, I moved into a new studio space! It's a work in progress, but I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to do my work out of Studio 212 in Maryville, TN.

The space itself is welcoming and bright, and the people kind and cheerful. But there's another reason why this move is so meaningful to me -- other than the fact my basement is dark and the shower continues to drip onto my former work space (ugh). 

Back in 2012, when I was a floundering freelance writer (the first time around), I did a story about regional arts and craft schools for Smoky Mountain Living. In it, I included Studio 212 as an example of how smaller community art spaces fit into the bigger picture of arts in the region.

Writing that story turned out to be a watershed moment for me. While writing it, I became insanely jealous of the people who not only could afford to take time off of their lives to go study an art or craft, but could afford the classes to begin with. 

But somehow in a particularly dark moment of my envy, a gentle question emerged. What would I study if time and money were no object? So I took a break from writing the story and let myself explore the catalogs and see what looked fun. Ten minutes was all it took.

The first thing that came to me was blacksmithing. But after mulling it over, I realized that blacksmithing was impractical by every measure -- at least for me -- and while it held romance for me, I didn't want to study something that I'd never pick up again. And that's when a second option hit me like a forcefield.


Somehow in that moment I went from envy to wonder as a beautiful vision came to me.

I had a deep knowing that if I wanted to pursue a path as a paid artist, I could do so through jewelry. And as I let myself envision this path, I began to ache with desire to form metal sculptures with hammers and fire.

Something was born within me that day, and now here I am five years later, in one of the venues that sparked my desire for a major life change. I love it when circles get completed and new one begins. I'm so happy to have landed here and look forward to the productivity and creativity that can emerge now that I have a dedicated work space. Hallelujah!